Our philosophy is simple: Our Business is Your Business.

In today’s market everyone offers all services possible as they try to generate as much work with over-promising and under-delivering on it. At Araneum Consultants we go the other way.

We do all our own research and testing which keeps us ahead of the curve. With over 30 years of experience, this method has proven to be the most efficient, ensuring the success of Araneum Consultants and our clients.

We retain our position in our sector by focusing on our niche which is creating fully optimised high-performance websites that are ready to rank. By using our proprietary software, we create bespoke Mobile-first websites that expand up to desktops. Professionally delivering your quality content to its target audience on any device.

Here at Araneum Consultants we are very conscious of climate change and our carbon footprint.

We approach every website with our Low Carbon web design to achieve the maximum effect, with minimal carbon cost, or the lowest possible emissions per page view.

Thanks to our Low Carbon web design this page would need to (re)load over 35 times to emit the same 1.76g co2/view emissions of average webpage. That's a 98% reduction.

Web Page Emissions


Full Analysis & Report

When rebuilding your website, it’s important to know the extent of the damage before proceeding. It’s very rare that a website cannot be saved. However, if a website is extremely damaged it can be very expensive. An analysis report helps save you from wasting a lot of money and enables you to proceed with the confidence, investing in an asset, not further problems.

If Araneum Consultants repairs the damage and rebuilds your website, we deduct the cost of the Analysis and Report.

Index Clean Up

A large part of the damage caused by amateur web designers & developers is the mess they make of the SERP via YOUR website. There are a multitude of ways to add spammy or orphaned paged to the index, often caused by lack of understanding or worse, laziness.

These excess pages pollute the index and as a result your website receives penalties which has serious consequences in ranking. This means if you want your new updated website to flourish and rank, the Index must be cleaned up.

Website Performance Optimisation

Optimised Website

Araneum Consultants design brand new optimised websites. After a free consultation we will plan out the most efficient way to deliver your content, with effective design and UX.

Optimised Re-Design

Araneum Consultants will plan out and redesign your website for maximum optimisation.

Then rebuild your fully optimized website.

Optimised Re-Build

Araneum Consultants will rebuild your website as close to its current spec and design as possible while optimising for the best performance possible with the current design.

Post Build

Webmaster Services

  • Security Protection
  • 24/7 Uptime Monitoring
  • System Updates - WordPress
  • Plugin Updates
  • Backups – Stored Remotely
  • Twice Weekly Security Audits
  • Update Text & Image Change

Webmaster Services & Retainer

  • Security Protection
  • 24/7 Uptime Monitoring
  • System Updates - WordPress
  • Plugin Updates
  • Backups – Stored Remotely
  • Twice Weekly Security Audits
  • Update Text & Image Change
  • Araneum Core Updates
  • Web Design Updates
  • Add Your Blog Content
  • Add New Pages
GA4 - Optimise Your Strategy
Araneum Consultants - Professional Services


How many times have you heard, “If you want something done right, do it yourself”? How often is that statement correct? I am not talking about a failed attempt at plastering a ceiling. Learning by constantly pushing ourselves, testing limits and discovering better ways of doing something is great. However, in business very few can afford the luxury that trial and error costs.

When you are faced with any problem you must consider the time, money, and effort in sourcing, planning, and exercising the solution. Hiring a professional can help you reduce the cost of all 3 factors.

When you hire an Araneum Consultant you are gaining access to a wealth of knowledge. Each of our consultants have a wide knowledge of our industry and services, as well as their own unique specialty. Our team is made up of specialists who all complement each other’s unique niche. Although not all our specialists are consultants, all Araneum Consultants have access to them should any issue require a deeper understanding. Ensuring that YOU the client are always looked after.

We aim to deliver the best value to clients in all our services and consultation is no different. Understanding that every business is unique and therefore requires a tailored approach to help achieve their goals, Araneum Consultants consider the best options to offer our clients based on their needs.

To provide the best value to our clients we arrange a chat to help us better understand what your needs are. We then create the best consultation proposal for your needs.

Service is Outstanding!

I have been using Chris to provide me with his website design service over the past 12 months. During this time, Chris has developed several complex websites for me. The designs were in depth and by no means an easy task. However, Chris’s design skills and his tec knowledge enabled him to provide amazing site designs, but most importantly, the optimisation and speed that the sites load at show that his coding skills are exceptional.

I have used many web developers over the years, but I will only come to Chris to create my websites.

- Chris Cantell

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