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In today’s competitive online world, one of the most important aspects of your business is having a website that creates the necessary foundation for your success.

Due to profound shifts in the way individuals use the internet nowadays, and the ways in which search engines display results from their databases, the way in which we must build and maintain our websites has dramatically changed. Many companies are seeing drastic changes in activity from just a year ago. For this reason alone, companies are looking to individuals and media firms to help them enter the new internet era successfully.

Today's online realm consists of first knowing where to locate potential users and buyers, and then second, understanding how to communicate and interact with those individuals. Buyers do not come to your website and find you like they did years ago. Today, you must go out of your way online and find them. Additionally, you need to participate in the community and make yourself known (i.e. promote your brand).

Another area which shifts the focus of how a website is built directly relates to how individuals now connect to the internet. The older concept of using a desktop computer at home has gone by the wayside for many users. Today, millions of people are instantly and constantly connected through the use of handheld devices such as smartphones, tablets, and personal digital assistants. 24/7.

With Google now completely switched over into Mobile-First Indexing, building or rebuilding your website in a Mobile-First structure is the first step in converting your website into a ranking asset.

Three things are happening here. And, they are key to the creation of your modern website:

  1. Only the mobile version of your website is now indexed and the desktop ignored. This means Mobile-First design and structure is no longer just an advantage to your website, it's a fundamental requirement.
  2. Websites need to display properly for each one of these mobile devices. All sites today require RWD (Responsive Web Design) to ensure that all mediums are covered and every site passes the Google Mobile-Friendly Test.
  3. The applications on these devices are often controlling the internet traffic. In other words, large companies, including the device providers are offering free and paid apps to their customers in an attempt to gain loyalty and maintain readership. Functions of these apps are directly influencing consumer buying decisions.

In terms of search engines (i.e. Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.) providing traffic or potential customers, the trend which has become more prevalent in recent months is paid inclusions. Since 2015, it is increasingly more difficult to obtain organic or free traffic. The results that have been appearing for some time demonstrate that search engines are favouring sponsored results. And for the average website owner, this means that PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising will be the preferred way to find leads and buyers moving forward.

Moreover, these prevailing shifts in how results are displayed, also mean that the way in which one builds a website is significantly different than even 12 months ago. The techniques employed then to gain top rankings are no longer effective. In fact, they are deemed harmful today to one's business and website success. And if you have not spent time analyzing the patterns and trends, then you will want to work with a professional company such as Araneum Consultants in order to understand what is best for your specific site's framework.

Professional performance and consultation
"The majority of today's websites are under some form of Google Penalty - and most site owners are unfortunately completely unaware of it!"

Specialist Level Consultation and Performance Optimisation

When discussing marketing performance, there is, of course, still a place for offline marketing such as printed media, radio, television and postcards or flyers, but also, online methods must form a portion of the advertising mix. The proposed marketing plan includes all forms of promotions working in harmony for better overall performance.

For example, you might announce locally your new social media page. You place an ad in the local dining review pages that utilizes your logo, slogan, and maybe your menu. The ad will also direct readers to a social media page where they can download coupons. As you see, the printed media works hand-in-hand with digital media. Plus, your overall image through your logo and slogan is covered across all media (branding).

Since one component of your website drives and influences the other, your marketing plan will be much more detailed encompassing graphics, technology, your brand, your company's image, societal behaviours, as well as free and paid traffic methods. You will also wish to discuss the infrastructure of your site and how you present information to your users. Again, the foundation is key to your success, and you do not want to be building your site over and over.

Indeed, you understand that even more so today, websites still require fresh content to maintain a high profile. However, understand that regularly updating your site with announcements and new material is not the same as changing your design and structure every week. Your basis should be there waiting to expand with new content. You need to stay connected to your users and keep them engaged, otherwise, they will leave you. Keeping people interested and entertained is the new way moving forward.

Whether you are a startup, or an established company looking to expand your presence on the internet, you will benefit from the expertise and personal services provided by Araneum Consultants.

As you read through the pages of our site, we welcome you to send any queries or questions about the concepts discussed here. Should you be contemplating a potential project, please contact us to discuss your specifications and requirements.

We sincerely appreciate you taking the time to visit and look forward to speaking with you soon.

We Can Help You With Your New Website

Solid Foundation Websites

Instead of using traditional methods of contracting a programmer, hiring a designer, searching for a social media enthusiast, and then engaging a marketing wizard, we formulate in-house a well-rounded bespoke ensemble of services that provides you with the foundation to begin your business. Since all of the components depend on one another, it makes more sense to build everything together in synergy to reach your audience.

Secure, Professional Hosting

Secure Professional Hosting

It is important to understand that your hosting is at least as important as your actual frontend website. Hosting is the backbone that connects your entire online venture. Without proper security, maintenance and adequate resources, your hosting can cost you money in lost sales and lost customers due to downtime, non-functioning features, hardware failures, timeouts and other negative performance issues.

Taking SEO to a Whole New Level

Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is not about loop-holes and magic promises, it’s about optimising your site for speed, performance, quality and relevance. It’s about ensuring that your visitors always get the optimal experience of your online presence, no matter where they come from or what device they are using. This cannot be accomplished by software alone. It takes time, effort and specialised knowledge to analyse your requirements successfully.

Easy, Fast and Friendly to Work With

I just wanted to send you a BIG thank you for all your fantastic work on our Vision Board Studio and bringing it to the world in such a high quality, fantastic looking way.

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with you, you are so easy, fast and friendly to work with. Nothing seemed too much and you have such a pro active, hardworking attitude. At some point I started to believe there were at least three Chris's due to the huge amount of work you completed, and the vast range of incredible skills you possess in the areas of graphic creation, internet marketing, copywriting, etc. etc.

You went way beyond your initial brief and delivered a complete package to be proud of; very impressive. I also enjoyed the fact that you explained a lot of what you were doing and why, no question is too much for you. I'm happy I found the gem you are!

Thank you so much for all your hard work and commitment to this project!

- Linda Boertjens
Co-Founder of OrangePeel Systems