The Importance of Your Online Marketing Strategy

Why You Need an Online Marketing Strategy Today

The past few years have witnessed significant changes in the way the internet operates. Search engines scrambling to provide better results and users clamouring for fresh content and instant news. No longer do individuals read the newspapers once a day or listen to a news broadcast on the television or radio at a specific time. More often than not, they obtain the news from the internet at varying times of the day. In fact, they hear it as it happens. News and information are disseminated swiftly and voluminously.

All of this action ushers us, ready or not, into the “new” internet. Old static rules and habits are out. The new dynamic methods of doing online business are in. To remain successful, a fundamental change in how we present ourselves, through a well thought-out online marketing strategy, and promote our business is required.

The major difference between the internet five years ago and today is that it is now a destination. In other words, previously, it was used a means to obtain information or to connect with someone via email or online chat. The internet has progressed, however, to become an integral component of one’s lifestyle. Individuals are connected 24/7 through computers, tablets, phones, and other handheld devices and technologies. Information comes fast and furious through digital applications, community driven websites and, of course, social media.

The internet is no longer a place to have just a presence or a stationary placeholder. To participate in this current phenomenon, you need a website that moves with the flow. Cutting edge is what people seek and if you are using methods from even just a couple of years ago, you are most likely being left behind the pack. Bottom line, it is costing you sales.

Without question, the days of “build it and they will come” are long behind us. It takes work, it takes planning, and it takes internet know-how to communicate in today’s arena. Not only are the younger generations changing and quickly adapting to new technologies, but also, the search engines are reacting to the times, as well. This is confirmed by the launch of Google’s “Mobile First” Search and the changes in local listing stacks in the SERP.

Management understands that people want their information quickly and they want it in as few places as possible. Thus, every day is a struggle for site owners to provide more and more exciting or fresh news. And, for any company to succeed, owners must realize these shifts in human behaviour in order to stay in the game.

Retailing has been changed dramatically simply because of the internet. Today, individuals want to see price comparisons, reviews from both happy and disgruntled buyers, and they want current product information in order to make their purchases. E-commerce sites from yesterday need to address these societal changes. Further, companies cannot hide behind shoddy workmanship and poor customer service. The internet is all about “outing” bad players.

The internet revolves around the social feedback system. Whether you are selling your goods and services on a major auction site, community forum, or own website, you understand that you are being graded. This is another reason why your brand is so important today.

Companies can no longer sit on their laurels. The ebb and flow of the internet does not allow companies to thrive should they produce inferior results.

In the same vein, when we speak about web design, we discuss the issue of dynamics, an ever-changing and evolving marketplace or atmosphere. It is no longer acceptable to build a website and then leave it on the internet to collect dust, like an old brochure.

No-one enjoys returning to a site that has remained stagnant and not been updated. At the very least, users would like to read a blog which displays current announcements and stays in communication with the firm’s customers. Users routinely recommend sites to their friends and family. They want to visit sites that allow them to highlight the pages through social sharing. Their lives are lived on the internet – and websites are a reflection of this behaviour.

Static is no longer an option on the internet. Dynamic, progressive material through regular maintenance and fresh content is the key to infiltrating today’s users. Attention spans are short and individuals are pulled in many directions. As neighbourhoods become more global in nature, and as connectivity moves everyone into this fast-paced environment, there are only so many things a person can view in a day.
Make sure you are one of them!

Information is fleeting and if you want to keep users engaged and interested, you will need a online strategy that includes continuously fresh content. Yesterday’s news is of no interest to anyone. There are just too many other things on the internet to occupy one’s time. Thus, loyalty and following is not possible unless you make people want to come back and continually see what you have to say.

As mentioned before, your website is not a brochure. Your business model cannot be one of “build it and leave it”. Today’s internet users and today’s customers are much savvier. They want the best information, right now, and you should be the one to provide it to them.

If you feel your existing online marketing strategy is not giving you the best ROI, or you don’t already have a focused strategy in place to grow your business, get in touch with one of our specialist consultants to help you with some solid advice.

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