Marketing & Promoting Your Business

Marketing and Promoting Your Business Online

Marketing and promotion come in many forms. From your business card to your website to the creation of community pages and social network marketing, everything that displays your name must be created in a professional and fluid manner. Each marketing piece should work in synergy with the other to create and solidify your brand.

Today, more than ever, how you present yourself through online marketing directly affects your sales. If potential customers or clients see your abandoned social page, for example, they infer negativity on your company and products. If your message says one thing and your material says another, conflicts arise in the decisions made by potential buyers. Your promotional efforts, in the way of printed media and digital media, should tell a story. All of the pieces are part of a larger puzzle and each one fits perfectly to portray the overall picture.

In the “old” days, it was normal to expect customers to call and inquire about your services or products through the distribution of business cards or maybe flyers. Nowadays, however, that is not enough for most companies. Having a full-blown marketing effort is critical to the success of a company, especially if that company expects to expand online and reach the millions of consumers that exist.

When marketing your brand, your site or your services, the desired promotional strategy will include:

  • The marketing traditional standbys such as a logo, brochure, business cards, and flyers;
  • Creation of interactive graphics such as an “infographic” which tells the story of your business or product on offer;
  • A responsive site that caters to all digital technology such as mobile, desktop, or tablets;
  • Modern search engine optimisation that is compliant with new requirements and regulations;
  • Search engine marketing which might include a combination of organic SEO mixed with paid campaigns such as PPC marketing (Google AdWords. Facebook Ads, etc.);
  • Statistical analysis for tweaking and optimising marketing campaigns and website traffic;
  • Site analysis to determine better and higher conversions;
  • Site recognition through citations and social mentions;
  • Professional content for your website marketing and printed materials;
  • Regular maintenance in terms of security, server upgrades, and fresh website content.

Search Engine Marketing

One of the underlying facets of today’s search engine algorithms is that the free (organic) traffic ranking method to which many site owners have been accustomed is not a marketing function of the newer web. Results are moving toward paid inclusions, which means website owners must also rely on PPC SEO to bolster their marketing and promotion.

This shift in marketing and how search engine users see results is a direct correlation to their current business models. They are fine-tuning their marketing services and making decisions about how and who should be permitted into the search databases, and thus, which sites will be shown to users. Obviously, paid advertisers hold the premium spots. Therefore, if ranking on the first page was a competitive environment in the last few years, today, it is a major hurdle to mount.

Indeed, being able to rely on experienced marketers who have spent considerable time analysing these marketing shifts and adjusting promotional marketing campaigns will certainly be an advantage to your business and online identity.

Although it is recommended that a website be built using responsive design elements, your needs may suggest that a static or mobile only type design is preferable to your business marketing model.

The key here is to create the optimal marketing solution for your specific business.

If you are looking for help to create a reliable and profitable marketing campaign, contact our professional consultants today.