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Whatever level of online presence your business currently has - or does not have - we are here to help you get everything properly in place online to ensure Your Business Gets the Optimal Attention Required to compete successfully in today's professional online marketing arena.

Araneum Consultants are website optimisation specialists.

Focusing exclusively on service business websites has allowed us to constantly refine our services in line with the dynamic nature of search engines and achieve maximum optimisation for our clients’ sites.

Operating down to a granular level of technical detail at each level while carefully strategising holistically, for optimal website optimisation.

Empowering our team to achieve impressive results for our clients and pull from an invaluable wealth of knowledge in our consultancy services.

Website Performance Optimisation For Professional Service Websites

Performance Powers Profit

We optimise every element, while weeding out problems as we rebuild to create a lean high-performance asset with all components working efficiently in harmony resulting better ranking, site efficiency and a smoother user experience.

Google Analytics 4 For Professional Service Websites

Data Driven Decisions

GA4 is now the standard for web analytics, offering a customisable privacy-centric platform designed for a cookieless future with machine learning, behaviour modelling and cross-platform analytics giving us insights into the customer journey across both web and mobile.

Search Engine Optimisation For Professional Service Websites

Rank Reach Returns

Many new clients come to us after discovering the sad truth that all that time, money and effort they invested into "pumping up" their SEO has now landed them in serious hot water! We diagnose and treat the problem to ensure SEO is efficient.

Page Speed and Performance

The performance of a business website affects everything. Because every website is unique there are no ‘quick fix’ or ‘one-size fits all’ solutions. To create a high/ultra-performing website it must be built in from the core, weaved through to the fringes, and considered with every new element that is implemented. Like all aspects of a business, it’s no secret that great performance delivers a competitive edge and websites are no exception. However, as we have transition into the mobile-first, privacy-first and user-first era of search and analytics the days of slapping together a website and adding loads of backlinks are gone. If your website is not starting with great performance, it's not even in the game.

Website Performance Optimisation Performance Gauge

Why Web Performance Matters

As high-performance is now a necessity to rank, it will not be long until competitive websites start closing the gap, the wider that gap is the more time, money and effort it will cost your competitors to close. Especially in terms of ranking, PPC and user experience.

Google Analytics 4 icon logo

Why Are Analytics Important?

Navigating your business online is a fast-paced mission that require focus, versatility, and direction. Keeping the finger on the pulse of ever-changing technologies and with-it users’ behaviours and expectations. Adapting to meet these challenges while staying on course is no easy task. Analytics acts as a compass guiding us as we make the key decisions in navigating our businesses.

Analyse to optimise your marketing channels, content, and the user experience of your website. GA4 offers cross-platform insights into your customers journey and interactions giving you the chance remove any sticky parts of that journey. By using customised events tracking focused on your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) Google Analytics 4 gives you the data to ensure you are investing your time in the correct areas of your business.

Araneum Consultants - Professional Website Analysis Report

Website Analysis Report

Websites are remarkably effective assets if they are set up correctly. Unfortunately, in most business circumstances, the client is at the mercy of the professional’s knowledge. Rarely does a website get built properly and effectively first time, as there can be an over whelming number of elements that must be taken into consideration in the building process, which most designer/developers are not aware of (even the good ones).

The fact is designers and developer focus on completely different aspects of a site, not to mention SEO. Or worse the theme fillers who stuff your content into a generic theme and force it to look pretty without thinking of anything else. In most cases this destroys the technical SEO of a website.

Website Performance Optimization Service - Low Carbon Web Design

Effective Website Performance Optimisation

At Araneum Consultants we specialise in the optimisation of websites. Our proprietary software built using the latest innovative code enables our specialists to build ultra-performance mobile-first websites that deliver create lighting fast results while enhancing UX, Core Web Vitals compliance and Search Engine Optimisation at a sensible price. Starting with a solid mobile-first foundation with maximum performance we carefully craft every element to keep as much speed and performance as possible while implementing impressive fluidity to present your content beautifully across thousands of devices. Then using GA4 to track your business KPI’s we deliver the data to aid in optimising your content to in crease your conversion rate further.

In light of changes such as Mobile-First Indexing, Core Web Vitals, MUM and Googles ongoing effort to clean up, speed up and promote relevance in their index for the optimum user experience, a fully optimised website is a necessity if you want to compete online.

Mobile First Design and Structure

Mobile First

Mobile-first structure & design is foundational to running a successful website today

Araneum Consultants Fast Page Speed Icon

Page Speed

One of the most important factors of any website is page speed, if you want to be seen

Araneum Consultants Core Web Vitals Checklist Icon

Core Web Vitals

If you want to rank these days, it's critical that you website passes Core Web Vitals.

Business Growth and Development - Analytics Icon

Web Analytics

Make data-driven decsions for business growth and development using analytics

If you are a small service based business in the UK looking for expert local SEO checkout: Holistic Seo

Low Carbon Web Design – In addition to planting a tree for every build, we design our client’s websites to be energy and data efficient to achieve the lowest CO2 emissions possible. This also provides an opportunity to highlight extra eco-efforts, by displaying a carbon badge on their website and note on the ethical section of brand values and authority.

Our low carbon approach is not only kinder to our plant, the added page speed and efficiency enhances user experience, encourages great organic ranking (generating more traffic) and maximises SEO campaigns. All this helps to deliver our clients content quickly and completely to any device, even with low battery and a weak internet connection. Globally.

Climate Conscientious - Low Carbon Web Design

We encourage our clients to wear their (live) carbon badge with pride. The average webpage emits 1.76g CO2 every time it (re)loads...

Click the blue badge below to learn your websites carbon emissions.

Web Page Emissions

Let's Make The Web More Sustainable.

Araneum Consultants - Helping You Piece The Puzzle Together


Keeping up with the constant stream of updates and changes then understanding which changes will (or will not) affect your business can be overwhelming. Then on top, there is still the matter of understanding what, why and how to implement a lasting solution.

Whether you are setting up and looking to hit the ground running, bracing for change or need help to get out of hot water, tap into Araneum Consultants wealth of knowledge and expertise on what we do best, so that you can get back to doing what you do best.

Araneum Consultants - Our Business, Is Your Business.

Large and Small Tasks are Handled with Equal Attention and Care.

For well over a decade now, we have used Chris for all our web requirements and graphic design, including the development/implementation of a range of company websites, plus individual logos and printed materials throughout all our companies, which occasionally involved very large tasks.

In this regard, we offer our best recommendation and confirm that Chris has always delivered on time and complied with all agreements reached. He excels in delivering a unique service, which is very unusual today in terms of both personal service and pricing structure. Of particular note is that both large and small tasks are handled with equal attention and care.

We would recommend Chris' services at any and all times and make ourselves available with more information and a verbal confirmation, if desired.

- Brian Bayer
CEO/Marketing Director, Alliance Security A/S