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Working exclusively with service-based business websites, Araneum Consultants analyse and optimise the entire customer journey, enhancing each step from search to conversion. Strategically and holistically we bring everything into harmony to achieve the best user experience and maximise results.

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Website Optimisation Specialist Services - WPO SEO CRO PPC

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for Service Businesses

Whatever level of online presence your business currently has - or does not have - we are here to help you get everything online in place to ensure Your Business Gets the Optimal Attention Required to compete successfully.

Focusing exclusively on optimising websites for small-medium service-based businesses we have honed our expertise, allowing us to provide you with the best value and ROI.

SEO services for small businesses.

One of the reasons we love providing SEO for small businesses is that SEO is a great leveller when up against a bigger competitor. Having previously worked with big brands Araneum Consultants has come to understand strengths and weaknesses in the enterprise approach, which empowers us to help smaller businesses manoeuvre to become strong contenders.

Our holistic approach is built on best practices optimum experience and a genuine passion for the best customer journey. Creating a solid foundation to build sustainable long-term success. With us managing your website optimisation journey and boosting your online visibility, you can focus on your business without stressing about every Google update.

Our Web Optimisation Process

Building a service business website that delivers long-term success isn't about a ‘one-time fix’. It requires a strategic approach that efficiently and effectively tackles every step, ensuring your website is optimised for user experience, search engines, and conversions.

Our full website optimisation process starts with a collaborative exploration of your business website to clearly understand its purpose. From there, we delve in with our expert eye and discover opportunities and areas for improvement, from which we can develop a strategy to sculpt your website into an asset that works for your business.

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Getting to Know Your Business

Learn More About Our Chat

Purpose – Understand Your Business & Goals
We’ll discuss:

  • Your Business & Needs
  • Target Audience
  • Business Goals
  • How Current Website is Working for You
  • Your Business Website Vision
Finding Focal Points Video Chat - person on laptop icon

Defining Your Focus & Goals

Uncover Your Website's Aims

Purpose – Align Website Goals with Your Business.
We’ll explore:

  • Past Marketing Campaigns and Results
  • New or Coming Changes
  • Current & Long-Term Challenges
  • Website Goals
  • Existing Resources
In-Depth Website Audit and Analysis - magnifying glass over webpage icon

Uncover Opportunities

In-Depth Website Audit and Analysis

Purpose – Identify Opportunities for Growths.
Our deep dive analyses:

  • SEO Analysis (every pillar)
  • Speed & Performance
  • Navigations, CTAs & Flow
  • Social & Business Profiles
  • Competitors Analysis
Build Website Optimisation Strategy - person thinking element tree icon

Crafting Your Website's Strategy

Mapping Your Optimisation Strategy

Purpose – Develop a Winning Website Optimisation Strategy.
Strategizing includes:

  • UX/UI & Performance Optimisation
  • Technical Optimisation
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Potential Problems and Solutions
  • Implementation Roadmap
Implement Strategy - element arrows cycling circle with lightening bolt icon

Optimise Your Website

Put Your Plan into Action

Purpose – Transform Your Website into a Business Asset.
Bring your plan to life with:

  • Technical Fixes & Enhancements
  • Speed & Performance Optimisation
  • User & Search Engine Optimisation
  • Social and Business Profile Optimisation
  • Ongoing Monitoring and Adjustments
Monitor and Reporting - person pointing to reports icon

Reporting Progress

Updates on Your Website's Journey

Purpose – Stay informed and involved with your online growth.
Reporting includes:

  • Monthly Progress Videos (insights in your inbox)
  • Quarterly In-Depth Reports
  • Quarterly Meetings
  • Open Communications and Transparency
  • Recommendations on Evolving Tech, Trends & Algorithms

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Website Optimisation Services

Web Performance Optimisation

WPO: Weaving speed and performance into the foundation of your strategy is vital if you want to achieve optimal results that is. The standard of competitive high-quality content is higher than ever. That’s why, it’s crucial to provide the best user experience to set you apart from competitors. Optimised web performance boosts every part of your website and digital marketing efforts as it starts at the core of it all. A well-tuned website enhances your UX, SEO, PPC and CRO.

Search Engine Optimisation

SEO: Optimising your website to connect with your target audience is vital to the success of your business brand and website. First, they must be able to find you, That’s where SEO comes in. Strategic SEO offers the optimal organic path, connecting your business with your target audience through search. There are many layers and levers in SEO that all work towards search engines crawling, understanding and indexing your website with purpose and relevance.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

CRO: Ensuring a good experience for users landing on your website and answering their queries is great, but what next? CRO is the practice of guiding users to take action. The call to action must be clear and simple for the user. Every website and its audience are unique. Starting with best practices we test, track and analyse to gather insights. Achieving long-term success requires fine-tuning from data-driven decisions to help increase the rate of your conversions.

Off-Site Optimisation Services

Google Business Profile

GBP: Optimising GBP enhances your local visibility and credibility and allows users to scan and engage with your business through reviews, updates, and contact among other things, like taking action directly from search. It also helps Google understand the what, why and where of your business, boosting SEO and attracting local customers.

Pay Per Click

PPC: Paid search, is a great tool in website optimisation. It can drive quick targeted traffic that provides measurable results. Although PPC is more of a sprint for the short term it complements the marathon of SEO by providing valuable keyword and user data, all while testing and strengthening the long-term organic strategies of your business website.

Google Analytics 4

GA4: Analytical data is invaluable to website optimisation because it provides insights into user behaviour, interaction patterns and the results of changes. This data enables us to enhance user experience, remove bottlenecks, refine SEO strategies, optimise ad spend and find out where users drop off. Data-driven decisions also help increase conversion rates.

Red thread marketing building blocks create a circle

Red Thread Marketing

Marketing Red Thread Underlining title with bow

The "Red Thread" is the consistent theme that runs through all your digital marketing efforts, tying everything together and making your brand stronger. By weaving this thread throughout, together we can ensure that your message is clear, cohesive, and aligned with your core values.

This holistic approach enhances brand recognition, builds trust, and improves communication with your audience. It also helps search engines understand and index your business efficiently. A unified strategy simplifies decision-making and creates a seamless experience for your target audience, making your marketing efforts more effective and impactful.

Ready to weave the Red Thread through your marketing strategy? Contact us today! to find out how a solid holistic strategy can drive more purposeful high-quality traffic your way.

Performance, CRO & SEO Consultation - Puzzle Pieces

Performance & SEO Consultation

Keeping up with the constant stream of updates and changes then understanding which changes will (or will not) affect your business can be overwhelming. Then on top, there is still the matter of understanding what, why and how to implement a lasting solution.

Whether you are setting up and looking to hit the ground running, bracing for change or need help to get out of hot water, tap into Araneum Consultants wealth of knowledge and expertise on what we do best, so that you can get back to doing what you do best.

Meet the Heart of Your Optimised Website

Web Optimisation Strategies Powered by:

Araneum Core - The Performance Digital Strategy Framework

At Araneum Consultants we specialise in the optimisation of websites. Our proprietary software built using the latest innovative code enables our specialists to build ultra-performance mobile-first websites that deliver lighting-fast results while enhancing UX, Core Web Vitals compliance and Search Engine Optimisation at a sensible price. Starting with a solid mobile-first foundation with maximum performance we carefully craft every element to keep as much speed and performance as possible while implementing impressive fluidity to present your content beautifully across thousands of devices.

Optimised Websites - Happy Clients Pointing to Results

Performance Optimisation

The performance of a business website affects everything. Because every website is unique there are no ‘quick fix’ or ‘one-size fits all’ solutions. To create a high/ultra-performing website it must be built in from the core, weaved through to the fringes, and considered with every new element that is implemented. Like all aspects of a business, it’s no secret that great performance delivers a competitive edge and websites are no exception.

Website Performance Optimisation Performance Gauge

Why Web Performance Optimisation Matters

Website performance optimisation enhances user experience by reducing load times, lowering bounce rates, and boosting engagement. Search engines like Google prioritise fast websites in their rankings, driving more organic traffic. Additionally, faster websites improve conversion rates and reduce server and bandwidth costs. Overall, WPO significantly benefits traffic, engagement, and cost savings.

Low Carbon Website Design and Development

In addition to planting a tree for every build, we design our client’s websites to be energy efficient, streamlining code and reducing the need for extra resources to achieve the lowest CO2 emissions possible. This also provides an opportunity to highlight extra eco-efforts, by displaying a carbon badge on their website and note on the ethical section of brand values and authority.

Our low carbon approach is not only kinder to our plant, but the added page speed and efficiency enhance user experience, encourage great organic ranking (generating more traffic) and maximise SEO campaigns. All this helps to deliver our client's content quickly and completely to any device, even with low battery and a weak internet connection. Globally.

Climate Conscientious - Low Carbon Web Design

We encourage our clients to wear their (live) carbon badge with pride. The average webpage emits 1.76g CO2 every time it (re)loads...

Click the blue badge below to learn your websites carbon emissions.

Web Page Emissions

Let's Contribute to a Cleaner Sustainable Web

Website Optimisation FAQ

What is website optimisation?

Website optimisation is the process of enhancing various aspects of your website to improve its performance, usability, and overall effectiveness. Think of it like tuning a sports car to achieve its best performance. This involves several key areas:

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO): This is like tuning the engine itself. SEO ensures that your website is easily found and understood by search engines, helping it to be indexed and ranked for relevant searches. This includes keyword research and optimisation, quality content, and proper site structure.

Website Performance Optimisation (WPO): This ensures the engine runs smoothly. WPO focuses on the speed and efficiency of your website, making sure it loads quickly across all devices and networks. This helps to lower bounce rates, improve engagement, and deliver a great user experience.

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO): This is like fine-tuning the car’s handling to achieve specific goals. CRO involves optimising your website to encourage visitors to take desired actions, such as making a purchase, signing up, or contacting you. This includes improving site navigation, creating compelling calls-to-action, and ensuring an intuitive user interface.

While each area interdependently contributes to the overall optimisation of the website, conducting SEO, WPO, and CRO in harmony creates a high-quality, effective website that meets your user’s needs and business goals.

What does a website optimisation specialist do?

Website optimisation specialists have a well-rounded knowledge and understanding of each discipline of the web optimisation process such as SEO, WPO and CRO. Using this knowledge website optimisation specialists leverage their expertise to strategically enhance each area and their elements to work independently and interdependently.

The ultimate goal of a website optimisation specialist is to achieve optimal efficiency and create the perfect website for your business.

What is a fully optimised website?

A fully optimised website is finely tuned to provide an exceptional user experience while effectively meeting its intended purpose. It loads quickly, is easy to navigate, and presents information in a clear and organised manner. A fully optimised website engages visitors, encourages interaction, and achieves its goals efficiently.

Basically, once you fully optimise your website, it is the perfect asset to your business.

How do I know if my website is optimised?

Before getting an in-depth audit here are a few things to consider when checking the optimisation of your website:

Visibility: Are your target audience finding it easy to find your business online? It’s nice to see your brand on Google but more importantly, you want to be the solution to a query for example, if you are a Roofer in Dunfermline you may want to show up for ‘roofing dunfermline’ or ‘new roof dunfermline’.

User Experience: Is your website easy to navigate? Are visitors able to find the information they need quickly and intuitively? If in doubt, ask someone to go through your website for a few minutes then ask them about it.

Speed: Does your website load quickly on both desktop and mobile devices? Slow loading times can deter visitors and significantly negatively impact user experience.

Engagement: Are visitors staying on your website and interacting with its content? High engagement metrics, such as time spent on the page and low bounce rates, indicate that visitors find your website valuable and engaging.

Conversion Rates: Are visitors taking desired actions on your website, such as making purchases or signing up for newsletters? A high conversion rate suggests that your website effectively guides visitors towards these actions.

Mobile: As the majority of users access the web via mobile and Google has completely moved over to mobile-first indexing (a while ago), an optimised mobile-first website is essential to the success of any website.

By evaluating these factors, you can gauge the optimisation level of your website. To ensure the best user experience and effectively achieve your business goals online, a professional audit and analysis can offer valuable insights for making optimal adjustments to your website.

How often should you optimise your website?

Regular optimisation of your website ensures it stays effective and aligned with your business goals and ever-changing technology and search algorithms. While the frequency may vary based on factors like changes in your industry and user behaviour, conducting optimisations quarterly or semi-annually is generally recommended.

If you have a professional website optimisation specialist actively working on it they will take care of the largest majority of changes as and when required. However, if your business makes major changes or in the event of a major shift in technology then it a re-optimisation project may be needed.

By keeping your website updated, you can address emerging issues, stay ahead of the competition, and maintain a positive user experience. Remember, proactive optimisation not only improves your website’s performance but also enhances your online presence. Driving more relevant traffic to and through your website, ultimately creating better results for your business.

How much does website optimisation cost?

The cost of website optimisation varies depending on factors, such as the size, complexity, and historical issues of your website, as well as the scope of optimisation needed. Many agencies specialise in specific areas like SEO or WPO, leading to compounded costs and potential issues.

It’s not uncommon for websites to engage multiple agencies simultaneously, resulting in monthly costs inflating quite a bit. Between freelancers and agencies, a single area optimisation service can range from a few hundred to several thousand pounds per month. Despite the fluctuation in pricing, the benefits of a professionally optimised website often far outweigh the initial investment.

At Araneum Consultants we aim to deliver enterprise-level website optimisation to small businesses. We do this by, offering options to find the pace that’s right for you without compromising on quality and getting the most out of your budget with efficiency and expertise. This also saves you the hassle of hiring and managing serval teams or losing money on cheap alternatives, which end up costing more, in the long run.

What is the difference between SEO and optimisation?

SEO is a subset of website optimisation, specifically focused on optimising the website’s visibility in search. Website optimisation refers to the process of optimising various aspects of a website to enhance performance, usability, and effectiveness, as well as visibility in search.

Can you over-optimise your website?

Yes! Not only is it possible, but it’s also more common than you may think.

This occurs when optimisation tactics become excessive or manipulative, violating search engine guidelines. Practices such as keyword stuffing, artificial link-building or any other spammy techniques trying to “game the system” can lead to penalties from search engines and harm the user experience.

While it’s the case that this happens as a result of amateur ignorance or going overboard with a legitimate technique, it’s also a common practice among some so-called professionals. When professionals use ‘black-hat’ techniques it may seem appealing at first because it can show some promising (short-term) results, however ultimately it hurts your business and your website (sometimes beyond repair). When your website eventually crashes and burns these so-called (black-hat) wizards hold no accountability.

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Mobile First

Mobile-first structure & design is foundational to running a successful website today

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Page Speed

One of the most important factors of any website is page speed, if you want to be seen

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Core Web Vitals

If you want to rank these days, it's critical that you website passes Core Web Vitals.

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Web Analytics

Make data-driven decsions for business growth and development using analytics

If you are a small service based business in Glasgow looking purely for expert local SEO checkout: Holistic SEO

Large and Small Tasks are Handled with Equal Attention and Care.

For well over a decade now, we have used Chris for all our web requirements and graphic design, including the development/implementation of a range of company websites, plus individual logos and printed materials throughout all our companies, which occasionally involved very large tasks.

In this regard, we offer our best recommendation and confirm that Chris has always delivered on time and complied with all agreements reached. He excels in delivering a unique service, which is very unusual today in terms of both personal service and pricing structure. Of particular note is that both large and small tasks are handled with equal attention and care.

We would recommend Chris' services at any and all times and make ourselves available with more information and a verbal confirmation, if desired.

- Brian Bayer
CEO/Marketing Director, Alliance Security A/S