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Whatever level of online presence your business currently has - or does not have - we are here to help you get everything properly in place online to ensure Your Business Gets the Optimal Attention Required to compete successfully in today's professional online marketing arena.

Many new clients come to us after discovering the sad truth that all that time, money and effort they invested into "pumping up" their SEO has now landed them in serious hot water! Google do NOT like sites that even... READ MORE

Araneum Consultants Marketing Strategy
Help Im a Fish

Our global portfolio includes project work for:

  • A. Film
  • Aldi Supermarkets
  • Alliance Security
  • Bloomiles
  • Browns Consultancy
  • Hydro-C
  • Ikea
  • Marks & Brands
  • Peugeot
  • Reuters
  • Warner Bros.
  • WPOptimal

In addition to a wide array of international projects & clients over the past 20+ years, we have worked extensively, both hands-on and on a consultancy basis, for several Danish government municipalities and were proudly involved in the marketing and advertising of European Capital of Culture for Copenhagen back in 1996.

Our varied client portfolio has given us the opportunity to develop knowledge of various industries. This has enabled us to better understand our clients’ needs.

Whatever the company or project size we focus with complete commitment to meet our clients needs to achieve results. Our team are made up of specialists which allows us to pull resources when needed to find the optimum solution for our clients.

Website Analysis Report

Websites are remarkably effective assets if they are set up correctly. Unfortunately, like many businesses the client is at the mercy of the professional’s knowledge. Rarely does a site get built properly and effectively first time, as there can be an over whelming number of elements that must be taken into consideration in the building process, which most designer/developers are not aware of (even the good ones).

The fact is designers and developer focus on completely different aspects of a site, not to mention SEO. Or worse the theme fillers who just stuff your content into a bought child theme and force it to look pretty without thinking of anything else. In most cases this destroys the technical SEO of a website.

Araneum Consultants Website Analysis

Optimized - Low Carbon Web Design

At Araneum Consultants we specialize in the optimization of websites. We create high performance Mobile-First websites using the latest cutting-edge code. Using our specialist proprietary framework, our specialists create lighting fast websites that are great for UX, Core Web Vitals and Search Engine Optimization. Your website will look fantastic across all devices starting with a solid Mobile-First foundation, while expanding to present your content beautifully across thousands of screens up to desktop users. We also use the WordPress platform so our clients can easily login to the backend and navigate.

In light of changes such as Mobile-First Indexing, Core Web Vitals, MUM and Googles ongoing effort to clean up, speed up and promote relevance in their index for the optimum user experience, a fully optimized website is no longer “just” an advantage, it’s a necessity.

Low Carbon Web Design – We design our client’s websites to be energy and data efficient which keeps the CO2 per page view as low as possible. This provides our clients with the opportunity to highlight their business’ eco-efforts by displaying their low CO2 per page view on their website, enhancing brand values and authority.

Our low carbon approach is not only kinder to our plant, the additional page speed and efficiency encourages good organic ranking. Generating more traffic, maximizing future SEO campaigns and enhancing user experience. Delivering our clients content quickly and completly to any device, Even with a weak internet connection. Globally.

Climate Conscientious - Low Carbon Web Design

We encourage our clients to wear their (live) carbon badge with pride. The average webpage emits 1.76g co2 every time it (re)loads...
Check the current carbon emissions of your website.

Web Page Emissions

Let's Make The Web More Sustainable.

Araneum Consultants - The Missing Peice of the Puzzle


We carefully review the core brand, mission, and values of your business in order to tailor our solutions, to best suit your business needs. To cut through the noise of the online marketplace we approach every project with fresh eyes and an open mind, focusing in on what makes your business and project unique. Whether it’s a gentle guide to get you back on track, up to building a full campaign to maximise your ROI or CTR, our consultants dedicate themselves to deliver the optimum solutions bespoke to your business, because Our Business, is Your Business.

Responsive Design

Mobile First

Mobile-first structure & design is foundational to running a successful website today

Araneum Consultants Page Speed Icon

Page Speed

One of the most important factors of any website is page speed, if you want to be seen

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Core Web Vitals

If you want to rank these days, it's critical that you website passes Core Web Vitals.

Specialist Service

Specialist Services

We offer a range of services, tools, analyses and reports to help maximize your ROI

To Be Seen You First Have to Be Visible.

Better Visibility = Higher Ranking

Higher Ranking = More Sales

To be relevant on the internet today you must ensure that your site is found in ALL the search results – your website must be Mobile-First design, fully flexible, Core Web Vitals compliant and your website needs to be available for your clients and prospects to access on any device.

Google have completely switched over to Mobile-First Indexing, which means it’s only the mobile version of your website that gets crawled. If your desktop versions URL varies from the mobile version, it WILL be dropped from the index.

To be perfectly frank, when it comes to getting new customers and/or prospects, it doesn’t really matter who you are, or what your business online is, if you don’t show up on the front page of the search engines. That’s a fact.

Mobile-First is now the standard moving forward. It is not only about looking great on mobile. Mobile-First is a holistic approach to creating great mobile websites that rank your keywords on the Mobile-First Index.

Your website must be able to deliver high performance optimization with great UX and quality content that loads rapidly on mobile, and then expand up across all screen viewports to deliver your content across the board.

Responsive Web Design
Large and Small Tasks are Handled with Equal Attention and Care.

For well over a decade now, we have used Chris for all our web requirements and graphic design, including the development/implementation of a range of company websites, plus individual logos and printed materials throughout all our companies, which occasionally involved very large tasks.

In this regard, we offer our best recommendation and confirm that Chris has always delivered on time and complied with all agreements reached. He excels in delivering a unique service, which is very unusual today in terms of both personal service and pricing structure. Of particular note is that both large and small tasks are handled with equal attention and care.

We would recommend Chris' services at any and all times and make ourselves available with more information and a verbal confirmation, if desired.

- Brian Bayer CEO/Marketing Director, Alliance Security A/S

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