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Google Analytics 4 - Go Further

GA4 Insights - Increase Return on Investment

Increase ROI With Data Driven Attribution

Less time guessing, less time stressing. Accurate attribution data delivers valuable information for your marketing campaign efforts. GA4 acquisition provides clarity of how users arrive at your website. These insights offer you the chance to pivot strategically and increase your marketing’s Return On Investment.

Track Engagement and Conversions with GA4

Deeper Insights of Engagement and Conversions

The user experience of your website is critically important to guide the customer journey to conversion. Understanding user engagement provides opportunity to clear the path and encourage the user to reach your Call To Action. Strengthen your strategy by using conversions to mark the key points in each navigation path.

Google Analytics 4 Analytic Intelligence Enriches Your Data

Advanced Machine Learning

Googles Analytics machine learning makes it possible to track data while respecting privacy cautious users. This deep learning also enriches data with predictive metric empowering you to see the future behaviour of users, build predicative audiences, see trends clearly and help us bridge the gap as we move into a cookie-less future.

Highlighting the Unexpected with GA4 Anomaly Detection

Detect and Identify Anomalies

Anomaly detection is a statistical technique where AI identifies anomalies over time for given metrics. Highlighting unexpected data points such as a large increase / decrease of expected traffic or identifying changes in users’ behaviour, grants opportunities to strengthen weaknesses in your campaigns, website, and apps.

The Advantages of Google Analytics 4

An Abundance of Parameters - There are a multitude of parameters that were not available in UA. Having access to these parameters enables you to gather data on a much more granular level, providing you with a more accurate understanding of how visitors interact with your website.

Simplified Goals & Event Setup – The user-friendly interface simplifies the process of setting up goals and creating new events. Enabling you to set up functions faster and save time by customising the dashboard to present your businesses key performance indicators up front and centre.

Cross-Device Analysis – Being able to track your customers journey across devices is a game changer. Viewing the data of the full journey in one place, without having to split tracking and then knit together, provides a much more accurate picture. Especially for marketing ROI.

Cross-Domain Tracking – If the customer journey passes through more than one domain such as, landing on then directing to, for example. You can now set up cross-domain tracking to unify measurements and attribute the single users journey accurately.

More Privacy-Centric Customisation – It is important that users control privacy, especially with GDPR. GA4 has been built with privacy at heart with IP anonymisation, control of data retention policies and consent mode enabling us to configure for compliance of law and respecting user consent.

More Focused Audiences for Ad Campaigns – Google Analytics 4 gives you the tools to really focus your aim on your target audience. Combine first-party and third-party data to create audiences which are extremely targeted, optimising your marketing and increasing your conversion rate.

Enhanced Engagement Analysis – GA4 allows you to analyse user engagement in more granular detail and you can even set up custom event triggers, precisely tracking the user’s navigation and experiences of your website. Polarising from bounce rate, engagement rate offers so much more.

Enhanced Visualisation & Reporting – Google Analytic 4 offers enhanced visualisations and reports, offering clarity for key business decisions. Exploration reports allows you go deeper with your data. Create custom analysis or choose one of the templates to provide clarity for key decisions.

GA4 - Optimise Your Strategy

New to Google Analytics?

Right now is the ideal time to start using Google Analytics. With GA4 taking over from its predecessor you will be hitting the ground running. GA4 is built for the modern business, tracking cross-device, cross-domain, privacy-first, user-first, machine learning, behaviour modelling, the list goes on and it’s all customisable to be tailored for your business needs.

A bespoke analytical solution to help you get the most out of your website and marketing efforts. Visualise your reports to deliver clarity to help with accurate data driven decisions increasing your ROI and CTR. Whether you just need some help to setup to get started or you’re ready to dive deep into analytics we would love to hear from you.

Migration to Google Analytics 4 (GA4) Made Easy

Are you still using Universal Analytics to track and collect vital data from your website? No problem. Araneum Consultants understand the importance of precision and proficiency when it comes to migration. That’s why we have a simple yet vital process in place to guide you through with ease without missing anything.

  1. We perform a full audit of your current Google Analytics and web metrics.
  2. We discuss with you to understand your requirements and which KPIs to track.
  3. We can also create custom reports and dashboards tailored to your business need.
  4. We migrate and configure GA4 properties and data streams bespoke to your business.

Google Analytics Consultation

Araneum Consultants is all about performance and optimisation. We want to help our clients get the best data for their businesses and translate that into vital insights which will help navigate towards their goals and open the sails to increase the return on investment.

With the amazing features and customisation that Google Analytics 4 brings, it is more important than ever to steady your aim, collecting the critical data to optimise your business online.

After performing a full audit and discussing your needs, Araneum Consultants will create a strategy, guide you through and then implement.

Monitor – Maximise – Maintain

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