Originally an advertising and creative communications company, 4SITE, was established in 1994 by Chris Freeman in Copenhagen, Denmark and had the distinction of being one of the first professional website services firms in Scandinavia/Europe.

In those days – almost thirty years ago - companies were moving to storing and accessing data on the internet. As firms progressed to setting up satellite offices, allowing staff to work at home, and setting up various other remote work-related environments, the need was great for everyone in the organization to have to access to information. 4SITE made it possible for these companies to securely expand in this new and exciting direction.

Not only had he the wisdom to react to evident patterns, he had also been able to anticipate the future direction in which the internet would flourish. Collectively, Freeman and his team’s foresight of online movement created a company culture which continues to keep our clients’ sites at the leading edge of performance and SERP placement.

Setting the standard of excellence, Chris Freeman ensured every member of the team was selected carefully for their unique speciality, acute diligence and passion for constant improvement.

Three Decades of Professional Services and Online Solutions

4SITE | According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, the simple term for foresight is: "the ability to see what will or might happen in the future".

This definition is perfect and there is no better way to describe 4SITE/Araneum and their services.

Where many companies have stalled out through the years, not fully understanding the needs of their online clients, our professional team of specialists have constantly managed to keep abreast of trends and implement timely corresponding solutions.

After more than two remarkably successful decades in the online arena, Chris decided at the end of 2015, it was time to hand over the business to his successor. As the company has expanded over the years to cover such a broad spectrum of specialty and bespoke services, it was agreed that a new, more encompassing name would be a good idea. Hence, Araneum Consultants was born. (Araneum is Latin for web).

Aside from the longevity of the organization, which has been offering online services and mobile applications since before Google became a global verb, the ability to move subtly and continuously with the times while retaining an excellent team ensures Araneum Consultants competitive edge among the web performance elite.

About Help Im a Fish

Our global portfolio includes project work for:

  • A. Film
  • Aldi Supermarkets
  • Alliance Security
  • Bloomiles
  • Browns Consultancy
  • Hydro-C
  • Ikea
  • Marks & Brands
  • Peugeot
  • Reuters
  • Warner Bros.
  • WPOptimal

In addition to a wide array of international projects & clients over the past 25+ years, we have worked extensively, both hands-on and on a consultancy basis, for several Danish government municipalities and were proudly involved in the marketing and advertising of European Capital of Culture for Copenhagen back in 1996.

Our varied client portfolio has given us the opportunity to develop knowledge of various industries. This has enabled us to better understand our clients’ needs.

Whatever the company or project size we focus with complete commitment to meet our clients needs to achieve results.

Araneum Consultants - Our Business Is YOUR Business

With such a long history of online services our skillset is wide and our knowledge deep. This enables our consultants and technical specialists to call upon each other for the perfect solution to our client’s needs.

We keep our finger on the pulse and our ability at the forefront. This also ensures we keep our clients well informed of any important up-and-coming changes. Enabling our clients to pivot into new opportunities. Getting the best out of their websites, sidestepping potential problems and gaining authority by taking lead.

Although our primary focus is Website Performance Optimisation and GA4 Data Analytics, we offer our clients access to our proprietary Araneum Core system. Carefully construct and streamlined, our optimised system covers, private hosting, specialist site framework, exceptional plugins and webmaster services all configured to work seamlessly for ultra-performance. Giving our clients the best possible platform from which to serve content and services to their target audience.

It is no coincidence that we supply the all the essential technical services a successful service business website needs to be a, highly competitive, contender in the online arena.

Our Business Is YOUR Business - Our aim is to transcend our clients' websites to powerful assets.

Whether you require a full-blown online presence or a small website to begin your online business, we will dedicate our efforts and resources to ensuring that your company receives the best possible attention – and, of course, RESULTS!

Even a journey of a thousand miles, begins with the first step ...

Thrilled with The Results!

Chris, I've got time to catch my breath now that the first week of the launch is over, so sorry for not being in touch the past couple of days... but I wanted to ask you - do you have 48 hours in a day? Because at times, you seemed to be working that many to meet my deadlines on my most recent project!

"Thrilled with the results" would be a lame understatement to what I asked for and what you provided in terms of quality, creativity, and continuous help and support. You turned an ugly sales page into a powerhouse seller that has generated me over $12,000 worth of sales in my first week! And that's without hardly ANY major JV partners promoting it as yet! What will happen then?

Chris, you mix professionalism with a warm, friendly approach and you are an absolute pleasure to work with. You show integrity and solid character by keeping EVERY part of a promise you make and then over-delivering on it. I know the term "Over-Delivering" is used a lot, but I hand it to you... you give it a whole new meaning. You give it the real meaning it deserves.

You probably don't know it yet, but I have already booked my next project with you (and sent the deposit) and you've gained a customer for life.

I just want to finish with 3 things: Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!
You're a major contributor to my success!

- Tahir Shah
Author of "Our Hero Dinglebert" and "Dreams Not For Sale"