Core Web Vitals: A Brief Overview

Core Web Vitals - CWVs are user-centric algorithms that Google’s crawler bots consider essential to create a better user experience (UX) for a website’s visitor. Google considers Core Web Vitals as ‘a new way of highlighting search experience in Google’, which means they are major ranking factors […]

Araneum Consultants - Low Carbon Web Design

We are at the beginning of a new era and in many respects a whole new internet. The window to leap ahead of the competition or cement yourself at the top is closing. As others finally accept that they must meet the new standards to succeed the advantage of foresight will fall away. With ten-year prep and announcements and a year into the new era, the change is […]

Why Page Speed is Crucial

Page Speed is Crucial now that Google has steered our search experience to a cleaner, more eco-friendly, and more relevant SERP, which now has a heavier focus on the user experience we can actually find what we are searching for. All the so called super awesome tips, trick and auto-magic fix tactics no longer work. Furthermore, they have a negative effect […]

Mobile First Indexing Crawler (Spider))

Simply put, mobile-first is a website or app constructed primarily for smartphones, which expands up into other devices such as tablets and desktops. Over the years we went from mobile versions of a website to RWD (Responsive Web Design) making the content not only available to mobile users but to look good. However, over the last decade it has become more than an idea or mindset […]

Keep Connected with Social Signals

Social Signals – An Essential and Modern Way to Conduct Business. Unquestionably, social signals on the internet have gained dramatically in importance and are much more prevalent now than ever. Individuals are turning to micro communities to obtain their information. Networks such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and others are drawing in users by the […]

Taking SEO to a Whole New Level

Search Engines Take SEO to A Whole New Level. You may remember how easy it was to rank a site just a few years ago. In fact, if you used the right software, the right keywords, and the right backlink structure, you could effectively position yourself on the first page of any search engine. Quantity […]

Marketing & Promoting Your Business

Marketing and Promoting Your Business Online. Marketing and promotion come in many forms. From your business card to your website to the creation of community pages and social networks, everything that displays your name must be created in a professional and fluid manner. Each piece should work in synergy with the other to create and […]

The Importance of Your Online Marketing Strategy

Why You Need an Online Marketing Strategy Today. The past few years have witnessed significant changes in the way the internet operates. Search engines scrambling to provide better results and users clamoring for fresh content and instant news. No longer do individuals read the newspapers once a day or listen to a news broadcast on […]

In Today's World Your Site Must Be Mobile-Friendly

Is Your Site Really Mobile-Friendly? Websites used to be simple, right? Write your copy, grab your pictures, optimize the site, publish, and away you go, never to think about those pages again. Today, however, this antiquated system very rarely produces any positive results. Undoubtedly, many factors and facets come into play when creating a modern […]

The Importance of Branding

Why You Should Never Undervalue the Importance of Branding. Branding is not a new concept, nor is it a fad. It is not the up-and-coming marketing strategy of the times. It is, on the other hand, the mode in which a company gains trust and authority with its users. And, in this day and age, […]

Secure, Professional Hosting

Not All Hosting is Created Equal. Hosting, basically, is how your site is connected to the net. Regardless of the type of hosting solution that you choose, a website cannot be visible on the internet without hosting. Consequently, it makes this piece of the online puzzle very important, if not crucial to the ultimate success […]

We Can Help You With Your New Website

So, You’re Looking For a New Website? Today, there are plenty of firms and individuals who offer website creation services. If you scour through the listings on any of the micro job sites, you are bound to find someone that piques your interest. You might even find an individual who offers you the services for […]